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SEO for Amazon Affiliate websites

Posted July 31st, 2015 in On page SEO, SEO Newcastle by seonewcastle

At the beginning of 2015, we experimented with WordPress and WooCommerce to create a website “selling” products on behalf of Amazon as affiliates. The website in question is and sells inflatable products like inflatable tents, inflatable hot tubs, inflatable awnings or inflatable RIB boats.

SEO for Amazon Affiliate websites is quite different to normal SEO. You have to focus particularly on users who are already in the mindset of buying a product and grabbing them to your website just before they place their purchase. In order to do this you create web pages and target users looking for “Best inflatable hot tubs for sale 2015” for instance (in our case obviously). We focus on products like this Bestway Lazy Spa below.


Bestway Lay-Z spa Monaco 8 person inflatable hot tub

Normal SEO rightly explains the importance of time spent on your website. The longer a visitor stays on your website, the better for Google as this means the content is informative and relevant.

SEO for Amazon Affiliate websites

When it comes to SEO for Amazon Affiliate websites, the faster your visitors go to Amazon from your website, the better the chances of selling the product and generate commissions.

After only a few months working on our inflatable website we’re starting to generate decent commissions. However, we did quite a mistake in selecting the products. Nothing to do with the SEO but more the type of product we chose. Most of the inflatable products we have on our websites are very seasonal. Inflatable tents, awnings, hot tubs, boats and so on are very much summer based. So come September we can assume our traffic will drop significantly and thus reducing our commissions.

Based on that newly acquired knowledge, we have decided to create another Amazon Affiliate website selling products that sell well throughout the year. Hopefully this way commissions will be generated more evenly throughout the year. We are going to target cabin hand luggage helping potential customers finding the best cabin backpack for Easyjet flights for instance or Easyjet hand luggage best buy. Stay tuned and see how we get over the next few months!


If you’re after SEO for Amazon Affiliate websites, please get in touch to see how we can help you.

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1st place on Google

Posted September 5th, 2012 in SEO Newcastle, Uncategorized by seonewcastle

Great success stories keep coming at the minute for!!

After the recent success of Mawsonkerr Architects reaching the 1st place on Google for their preferred key term “Achitects Newcastle”, we now have another great result for our wedding flowers specialists.

Wedding flowers Newcastle

Belflowers appointed seo4searchengine to do some SEO for them about a year ago with a small budget. With great on-page SEO and consulting to promote their website, Belsflowers recently reached the 1st place on Google for their 2 preferred keywords “wedding florists Newcastle” and “wedding florist Newcastle“.

Their 3rd target “wedding flowers Newcastle” is currently doing very well at the bottom of the podium with the 3rd place on Google… With a bit more time and SEO strategy we’re hoping to get this keyword to the 1st place on Google search results and other search engines such as Bing or Yahoo!

IT support Newcastle

Posted September 3rd, 2012 in SEO Newcastle by seonewcastle

IT support Newcastle

Transcendit is a friendly IT support Newcastle based company providing excellent IT support services as well as software development and web design.

At Transcendit, they make your IT systems work for you! They are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner which shows the high quality of  services they provide to their clients.

IT Support NewcastleTheir friendly IT support team is highly trained and always on top of their game. They find solutions to resolve your IT systems issues but also work hard to prevent further problems. Whatever field of activity you are in, Transcendit gains a personal understanding of your IT systems and maintain them so you don’t have to.

Transcendit saves you time, money, and gives you a perfect peace of mind! And that’s why Dean & Chapter of York, Trinity Chambers, AGCAS and many more trust Transcendit with their IT!

See below a quick list of benefits you’ll get when using Transcendit:

Fast response to your IT problems; a skilled professional will be online within minutes.

An account manager who is your first point of contact and makes it their priority to completely understand your system, so solutions can easily be found.

Effective setup and configuration of your computer systems.

Friendly, flexible service delivered in a professional, confidential and reliable manner.

An IT Department that does not take up office space, is never sick and never takes a day’s holiday.

Check Transcendit’s IT support Newcastle website for further info and see the lists of amazing positive feedback and testimonials they get!

Responisve web designTranscendit now also offers responsive web design services which allows websites to resize automatically and display nicely on PCs, tablets and mobile phones… This way, you don’t have to pay a web design company to create a special app (such as iPhone apps or iPad apps) for each and every available mobile device. Simply ask Transcendit and they’ll create for you a website which is bespoke and most importantly flexible… On the go or at home, your website will always be displayed the way it should!

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Mawsonkerr 1st on Google

Posted September 3rd, 2012 in SEO Newcastle by seonewcastle

Our SEO work for Mawsonkerr architects Newcastle-upon-Tyne finally paid off and is bringing these friendly and talented architects more and more business!

After a great deal of on-page optimisation, consulting for blog post optimisation and some link building strategy, Mawsonkerr now tops the 1st page of Google UK for Architects Newcastle

Friar House Apartment Hotel Newcastle

With an ever growing list of public and private projects, Mawsonkerr more than ever needed  to be ranked prominently on Google and other search engines to help sustain their growth.

This is now done with them toping the list for their targeted keyword “Architects Newcastle” !!!

Soutien gorge sport

Posted January 29th, 2012 in Uncategorized by seonewcastle

Soutien gorge sport, a new client based in France asked seo4searchengine to work on their SEO, which is called référencement in French. In just a few weeks, soutien gorge sport is already ranking for their most important keyphrases on page1 and page2 of Google! They are already on page1 for soutien gorge sport Adidas and soutien gorge sport Nike! Ranking 4th for soutien gorge sport Wilson and can be found on page2 for soutien gorge sport Shock Absorber

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On page SEO

Posted November 22nd, 2011 in On page SEO by seonewcastle

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN look at two important points to rank your website within their listing:

The first one is simply to find out what your page is all about! To do so, they crawl your website and look at your keywords, keyword density, how important tags have been used and so on. It’s called on page SEO and it’s the bear mininum you should consider when optimising your website.  Because it only involves modifying the content of your site, on page SEO is simple to apply but it doesn’t mean it’s not important though!

The second thing search engines try to find out is the popularity of your website on the web. How do they gage your website popularity? As you would in normal life by combining the number of friends and acquaintances who recommend you (in this case link to your website) and how important these people are… So for instance if Bill Gates links to your website, it’s a pretty big deal! Unless the link says “look at this idiot”… So the more quality links you can get, the better! It’s called off page SEO. And it’s the tricky bit!

Because you can’t force people to like you, or other websites to link to you, it’s hard to get relevant links, making off page SEO more important than on page SEO. Again, it doens’t mean on page SEO shouldn’t be done to focus mainly on off page SEO, it’s all part of giving as much relevant informations as you can to the various Search Engines. Start with on page SEO, when it’s done perfectly then move on to off page SEO and link building strategy.

Here is a list of 5 elements to apply on your on page SEO:


1. Include the keyword phrase you want to appear in search engines for in your<title> tags.

What are and where can you see your title tags? <title></title> tags are the title of your webpage (quite obvious isn’t it?) and they usually appear in the tabs or the title bar in your browser. They DO NOT appear anywhere else in the main part of your page… However they are the most important bit of on page SEO as they are the text links that appear in the search results listing in the search engines.  The <title> tags should always have the keyword phrase you’re optimizing that page for as it tells straight away to the search engines what your page is talking about.

If you write a page  about skateboarding laws in Singapore, then the title of the page could be: Skateboarding laws in Singapore

It couldn’t be easier! It’s a very important on page SEO practice and it’s so easy to put in place that many forget to do actually do it…


2. Include the keywords that you are optimizing for in your <h1>tags.

What are and where can you see your title tags? H1 stands for header1 which is the equivalent of the most important headline in a newspaper. Like a human would scan newspaper headlines to find out what the stories are about, search engines robots read <H1> tags first (well, after the title tags, see above) to know what the page is about.

If we go back to the example we used above, our <h1> tag should now say: Skateboarding laws in Singapore


3. Include your keywords in your first 50 words

If you compare it again with humans reading a newspaper and go back to our Skateboarding laws in Singapore, if you start reading the article in the newspaper and the first few paragraphs aren’t talking about the topic, you’ll stop reading. Search engines work in a similar way and give more weight to the first 50 words on your page.

Again, it’s not a hard task to do, simply make sure you do it… Include your keywords at least once within the first 50 words.


4. Work on your keyword density.

What is keyword density? Keyword density is the number of times a certain keyword phrase appears in your content. You could think that the higher the keyword density, the better or the more they occur in the page, the better. Well, it’s wrong. Because years ago “SEO experts” managed to get great results simply by having a very high keyword density, search engines re-jigged their algorithms to get more natural keyword density which is somewhere between 1% and 4%… If you go higher than 4%, search engine will start thinking your site is trying to fool them and may penalise it… If you want to check your page keyword density, there are many online tools and add-ons for browsers like Firefox and Chrome.


5. Use original content on your pages

You don’t want to read the very exact same story about a same topic on various newspapers do you? You want different opinions, different views on a subject that interest you. Search engines are the same, they are here to help users get unique, genuine and quality content for what they are looking for.  Because they want to be promoting websites with unique content, search engines will not rank very high websites that are copying content from other websites.

Be honest, in a similar way you would do when writing an essay, put your own views in, get inspired by other articles, rephrase bits your own way, link, quote or mention original articles when relevant. To rank high on search engines, rank high in your users eyes, give them something special and search engines will give you that recognition back!

If you need any help in your on page SEO strategy, don’t hesitate to contact SEO Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Wedding florists Newcastle

Posted November 8th, 2011 in On page SEO, SEO Newcastle by seonewcastle

Our client, belsflowers, based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, has now reached page1 on Google for the 2 keywords they wanted. They come 7th for Wedding Flowers Newcastle and 8th for Wedding Florists Newcastle. Although Google Page Rank is not that relevant anymore, it is still used by many SEO tools to reflect the importance of a website. In a matter of months, we managed to get belsflowers with PR2. The local competition, even well established Newcastle florists, don’t go over PR1… We used a wide range of tools and techniques to get these positive results and are still working to improve it…