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SEO for Amazon Affiliate websites

Posted July 31st, 2015 in On page SEO, SEO Newcastle by seonewcastle

At the beginning of 2015, we experimented with WordPress and WooCommerce to create a website “selling” products on behalf of Amazon as affiliates. The website in question is and sells inflatable products like inflatable tents, inflatable hot tubs, inflatable awnings or inflatable RIB boats.

SEO for Amazon Affiliate websites is quite different to normal SEO. You have to focus particularly on users who are already in the mindset of buying a product and grabbing them to your website just before they place their purchase. In order to do this you create web pages and target users looking for “Best inflatable hot tubs for sale 2015” for instance (in our case obviously). We focus on products like this Bestway Lazy Spa below.


Bestway Lay-Z spa Monaco 8 person inflatable hot tub

Normal SEO rightly explains the importance of time spent on your website. The longer a visitor stays on your website, the better for Google as this means the content is informative and relevant.

SEO for Amazon Affiliate websites

When it comes to SEO for Amazon Affiliate websites, the faster your visitors go to Amazon from your website, the better the chances of selling the product and generate commissions.

After only a few months working on our inflatable website we’re starting to generate decent commissions. However, we did quite a mistake in selecting the products. Nothing to do with the SEO but more the type of product we chose. Most of the inflatable products we have on our websites are very seasonal. Inflatable tents, awnings, hot tubs, boats and so on are very much summer based. So come September we can assume our traffic will drop significantly and thus reducing our commissions.

Based on that newly acquired knowledge, we have decided to create another Amazon Affiliate website selling products that sell well throughout the year. Hopefully this way commissions will be generated more evenly throughout the year. We are going to target cabin hand luggage helping potential customers finding the best cabin backpack for Easyjet flights for instance or Easyjet hand luggage best buy. Stay tuned and see how we get over the next few months!


If you’re after SEO for Amazon Affiliate websites, please get in touch to see how we can help you.